In keeping with our cooperative ethos, ECTC is always happy to share information about our pioneering community led retrofitting. As you can appreciate, this success has led to many calls and requests for information, guidance and general sharing of knowledge. This results in our resources being used up outside of our core business, which of course is not sustainable in the long term. We invite people to browse through our website and watch videos on the video page in order to learn about us, what we do and how we do it. For more direct input from ECTC see below our rates to cover staff and volunteer directors time and expenses.

Services offered (for non member communities)

Present at a webinar or attend an online information sharing meeting – Hourly rate: Community Groups €100 ex VAT. Corporates €200 ex VAT.

In person events such as seminars, site visits, consultations, advice clinic etc. – Hourly rate €150 ex VAT plus expenses. Corporates €250 ex VAT plus expenses.