Drombane and Upperchurch is aiming to reduce the amount of money leaving our local economy in the form of energy and fuel bills every year. The steps to do this are basic enough in the form of better insulation in our homes. The less energy we use to heat our homes, the less we have to spend heating them.

The Drombane/Upperchurch Energy Team started a pilot of the Better Energy Community (BEC) Scheme in 2012 and 2013. In those 2 years they upgraded 50 homes, receiving grant funding of €301,000 with €400,000 in total investment in their parish. This generated energy savings of 500,000 KWh. It was so successful that they reached out to have newer communities join them to replicate their good work.

In 2014 they upgraded 27 homes & Drombane Community Hall

In 2015 they upgraded 37 homes.

In 2016 they upgraded 38 homes.

In 2017 they upgraded 41 homes.

In 2018 they upgraded 32 homes & Upperchurch Creche