In order to take part in this scheme, please take some time to answer the following questions.

This Interest Form will help your local ENERGY TEAM and Energy Communities Tipperary Co-operative (ECTC) to assess your eligibility to take part in the scheme.

For further information, please contact your local Energy Team or email project co-ordinator Marcella Maher Keogh on

This form can be shared using this short link: This scheme is run by ECTC, a local not-for-profit cooperative, with a voluntary board of directors, as a tool to stimulate the local economy, make our homes more comfortable and efficient; and save people money.

NOTE: for Fuel Disadvantaged homes – proof of payment documents must be emailed or posted to the Energy Co-ordinator before your application will be accepted. Email: Marcella Maher Keogh, Carrick, Loughmore, Templemore, Co. Tipperary, E41 KV02. Please note the documents required for question 7 below. For more information about ECTC see our blog on