With the need to vastly increase the citizen-led eco renovation of homes across Europe, the OSR-Coop Project and its current research are focused on the role energy cooperatives play in deploying One-Stop Shop renovation business models. The general objective of this project is for three frontrunners in citizen- and community-led home renovation services, Energent (ENER, Belgium), Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative (ECTC, Ireland), and Les7Vents (7VEN, France) to together develop an integrated home renovation service that can be replicable in Europe.

In this webinar, which takes place on 6th September 2023 at 4pm Irish time, we will share findings from the OSR-Coop LIFE Project (2022-2025) funded by the EU, highlighting the added value Citizen-led One Stop Shops can offer over alternative approaches. We will also discuss exemplary case studies from different Citizen-led One Stop Shops, showcasing their unique aspects.

Finally, this webinar is an opportunity to also launch the project’s new research survey, aimed at gathering more data on the needs of new and prospective Citizen-led One Stop Shops.

We are looking forward to meeting you online on 6 September 2023, Wednesday, starting from 4pm Irish time (17:00 CEST Brussels).

Find the detailed agenda below:


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