Seeking to Recruit Contractors for Retrofit Work in Tipperary 



Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative in its role of improving the energy performance of Tipperary and surrounding local areas seeks to appoint a number of contractors to deliver retrofit services to houses, private businesses and community buildings in Tipperary and beyond to substantially improve their energy performance. 

The application is based on a guarantee of delivery of value for money for SEAI by carrying out detailed Home Energy Audits, including full homeowner consultations, in order to target the most energy efficient and economically advantageous measures.

The key goals of this project are to reduce energy usage within homes and communities, generate local employment and increase user comfort. Energy Communities Tipperary Co-operative Limited (ECTC) is a community-run co-operative involving the collaboration of 8 communities within Tipperary/Limerick areas harnessing the power of rural volunteerism to create energy sustainable communities. 

MEM-BER in its role of project coordinator with Energy Communities Tipperary seeks to appoint a panel of 3 to 5 contractors to deliver this Energy scheme in partnership with the Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative and funded by SEAI under the Better Energy Communities program. (Subject to funding)

Introduction to SEAI Community and National Retrofit Scheme

Domestic Upgrades:

Approximately 60-80 houses: 

The applicable measures will include: – Cavity wall insulation – External wall insulation -Internal wall insulation- Attic Insulation- Stoves -Windows and Doors –Heat pumps -Biomass boilers with/without thermal storage -Heating control upgrades – Solar/PV panels -High retention storage heaters -Electrical Energy monitor – Carbon monoxide detector – LED Lighting. Each house must achieve a minimum BER rating of B2.

Community / Commercial Building Upgrades:

Approximately 6 – 10 buildings. This program needs to look at the building as a full entity on a fabric first approach, energy audits required to establish works required to be feasible for SEAI Grant funding. 

The measures included are: – Internal and external lighting and related works – Cavity Insulation, roof insulation, internal wall insulation, external wall insulation, windows, doors and related works. – Heat pumps, Biomass boilers, AHU, Cooling units, refrigeration, pump upgrades, PV panels, Solar panels and ancillary systems and related works.

The contractor will be expected to: 

  1. Work with the ECTC and it local member communities on an advertising campaign 
  2. Work with Project Coordinator to recruit a specified number of private houses, businesses and community buildings to participate in the scheme throughout the areas involved with ECTC such as Birdhill, Terryglass, Lorrha/Rathcabbin, Cappamore , Killcommon/Rearcross, Drombane /Upperchurch, Burgess, Kanatoher and beyond.
  3. Implement the works to a high standard including management of sub-contractors’ standards and compliance. Provide certification of installation of all works carried out directly or indirectly and specific product details required by SEAI e.g. commissioning certs, RECI, installation certs and photos
  4. Where feasible use local subcontractors within the communities involved with ECTC to undertake specific work.
  5. Support and work with a quality inspection program. – This includes
  • Advisory Inspections 
  • Quality Management Systems Audits  
  • Technical Advice 
  • Clinics and Workshops  
  • Interim Inspections  
  • First Inspections 
  • Full Inspections 
  • Additional Inspections 
  • Re-inspections & Appeals


Some points of note for interested parties:

    1. The Contracting Authority seeks to establish a best value for money and public procurement rules are to be followed as part of any work.
    2. The contractor shall be required to submit claims as per the SEAI Communities criteria via the project coordinator. For all homes the contract is between the contractor and the homeowner.  
    3. The Contracting Authority wishes to ensure the works are carried out to a high standard, and as a minimum adherence to SEAI better energy warmer homes standards, and SR 54 Code of practice. All works carried out must also be in compliance with the current Building Regulations.
    4. The Contracting Authority will be applying to SEAI for the money to deliver this project. As part of this application there may be a requirement for evidence of cash flow to cover this project.
    5. Tax clearance certificates and indemnity insurance certificates must be available upon request.
    6. Interested parties will be taking the role of main contractor and sub-contractor must be registered with SEAI for their specific works. ECTC will request SEAI Registration numbers and details of sub-contractors at tender stage.
    7. If upskilling or training is required by contractors in areas of newer technologies used in the scheme ECTC will endeavour to facilitate 
  • Full tendering documentation is on E-Tenders – RFT #178001:1 Community Energy Scheme 2021-2022 – Energy Communities Tipperary Co-op

    by November 13th, 2020


Discretionary Exclusions:

  • Interested parties will be excluded from participation on the following grounds: participation in a proscribed criminal organisation, convicted of corruption or fraud, money laundering, has been found guilty of professional misconduct by a competent authority.
  • is subject to a bankruptcy or insolvency procedure or process of a kind specified in Regulation 53, paragraph (5) of the European Communities (Award of Public Authorities’ Contracts) Regulations 2006
  • has not fulfilled an obligation to pay a tax or levy imposed by or under a law of Ireland or the country or territory where the Tenderer ordinarily resides or carries on business
  • cannot produce valid taxation documentation for their company/organisation on request.

The Contracting Authority would expect, subject to SEAI approval for work to commence on the project in early 2021.

Term Of contract 24 months.


Thank you,

Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative.


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