A 95% Grant from SEAI through the Deep Retrofit Scheme is available for suitable houses built before 2011. Homeowners need to demonstrate a minimum of 150 kWh/yr/ m2 (energy) savings after their upgrade works have been carried out and must achieve an A3 BER rating.


Fuel Allowance Qualification

To qualify for the higher-level Grant, you must be in receipt of one of the following

  1. Fuel Allowance as part of the National Fuel Scheme
  2. Job Seekers Allowance for over six months (with Children under the age of 7)
  3. Family Income Supplement (FIS)
  4. One Parent Family Payment
  5. Domiciliary Care Allowance


All applicants must be in receipt of Government Funded Fuel Allowance and must obtain stamped approval from their local Social Welfare Office.

Grant measures that obtain a 95% Grant include:

  • Attic Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation
  • External Wall Insulation, Internal Wall Insulation
  • Heat pumps
  • Wood burning Stove – 70% efficient
  • Windows & Doors
  • Photovoltaic panels (generate electricity)
  • Demand Control Ventilation system
  • Airtightness, Lighting


A BER assessment is required on your home before and after works have been complete, this will be organised for you by the scheme.

The cost under this scheme for the BER assessment and analysis is €100 which is required before the assessor comes to carry out the survey. Once the BER assessment and analysis is complete a report will be sent to the homeowner giving details and a quotation from their contractor for the works required to achieve A3 rating.

If you wish to proceed with retrofit works on your house, a pre- works Airtightness test is required as part of the application process. This will be carried out by a registered Air tightness tester, with a blower door kit.

  1. If the homeowner wishes to proceed with works, €400 is required to carry out the Airtightness test and application to SEAI for grant funding. This payment will only be returned if SEAI refuse the application.
  2.  ECTC will submit the application to SEAI – this process could take anything from 3 weeks to 2 months and is at the discretion of SEAI – ECTC do not have any control how long SEAI will take to decide on Grant funding the project
  3. Once ECTC are notified of Grant funding – we will contact each homeowner and contractor immediately.
  4. Contracts will be signed between the homeowner and contractor. ECTC are the facilitator of the grant funding process.
  5. 5% of total cost of works required at contract signing stage.


As part of this Deep Retrofit scheme; SEAI require post occupancy evaluation and monitoring of each house for a period of 3 years – this can be done remotely from the monitor on the heat pump and the electrical monitor supplied at the time of works completed.  Each homeowner must allow monitoring on their home for this period and engage with SEAI on any post occupancy surveys.

As part of its aim to promote Tipperary having energy efficient communities, there may be a need for awareness activities including case studies, site visits, media and other promotional materials etc. Individual householders may be asked to allow upgrade works to be viewed for these purposes on a voluntary basis.